TPO internal and external corner

TPO internal and external corner

TPO internal and external corners are element of a high importance and needed to finish a waterproofing with single-ply TPO membranes. The main purpose of these items is to protect and reinforce the waterproofing sheet on corners and edges in presence of walls and skylights. They are available in different types: the brand new MINI type, MEDIUM and the exclusive MAXI type that thanks to its large surface (150mm high) is a unique version that offers a very wide waterproofing area.

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Code Type Pcs (Box) Pcs (Pallet) Price list
F011004200 TPO internal corner "Mini" 350   Register to view
F010004200 TPO external corner "Mini" 200   Register to view
F011004020 TPO internal corner "Medium" 200 6000 Register to view
F010004020 TPO external corner "Medium" 100 3000 Register to view
F011004030 TPO internal corner "Maxi" 80 1600 Register to view
F010004030 TPO external corner "Maxi" 40 800 Register to view



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